How do I get an agent?

How do I get an agent?

The Guild’s Resource Directory—updated annually—contains a list of agents who specialize in theatre. Additionally, the Association of Authors’ Representatives ( has an online database with agents’ information and what kind of authors they represent.

If you are having a production, you should consider inviting agents to attend. If you’re working with a director or designers or actors who like your work, you may try to get her or him to recommend you to their own representatives. You can also be referred to an agent by a theater’s literary manager, artistic director, or by a producer or other theater professional.

You should understand however, that it is difficult for new or emerging writers to obtain representation. There are also opportunities to submit your work to theaters, festivals and contests that do not require an agent or other representation.

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    • Will the Guild help me get an agent?

      The Guild cannot help you to get an agent. We can, however, help guide you through the steps you need to take. We can also advise you about the history and reputation of various agents, managers, attorneys, theaters and producers as reported to us by ...
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      Literary agents are not employment agents and are therefore not licensed under most states’ laws. Most (though not at all) reputable agents are members of the Association of Authors’ Representatives ( which has its own guidelines ...
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    • What does an agent do?

      Agents use their contacts to get your plays read and produced. They negotiate contracts, explain these contracts to you, and monitor those contracts to guarantee timely payment. Agents can open doors to producers and venues, and can give you ...