How do I register my copyright?

How do I register my copyright?

The government’s website ( provides comprehensive information and instructions for copyright registration. Your registration is effective as of the day that the Copyright Office receives your completed application, application fee, and deposit of the work, whether it be by email or mail. The Guild advises its members to become acquainted with submitting works to the Copyright Office electronically.
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    • What does registering my copyright accomplish?

      Registering the copyright in your work with the U.S. Copyright Office is the one and only way you can avail yourself of the various rights and remedies provided by U.S. Copyright Law and defend your work against infringement.
    • When should I register my copyright?

      Generally, there are three points in the life of a work at which copyright registration and revised registration makes the most sense: (a) When you have finished a work and are prepared to start submitting it to theaters, festivals, agents, ...
    • Can I mail a copy of my script to myself or register it with the Guild?

      Despite what you may have heard, the practice of establishing a “poor man’s copyright” (where you mail the manuscript to yourself or register it with an organization like the Writer’s Guild) is of little legal significance. That is why the Dramatists ...
    • The WGA Script Registry is No Substitute for Copyright Registration

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    • Can I copyright revisions to my work?

      When substantial changes (i.e., more than mere edits or minor alternations) have been incorporated into your work, the revised version of your work must be registered to protect any new elements added. This generally occurs after you have presented a ...